A poem I wrote when I was 12. It was published in the 2008 Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans.

As I opened my drawer to pull out my socks
My mouth fell open in complete, downright shock
I saw belts and hats and even a rock
But I only saw one sock!

I held that sock tightly - it wasn’t going away
I was going to search if I had to, all day
My sock had gone missing, it had gone astray
I wasn’t going to leave it to die!

I searched under the bed and across the floor
Beneath the rug and behind the door
I checked in the corners and in every drawer
But still I saw no sock.

I went through the kitchen and the rooms upstairs
I saw clothing and blankets and stray bits of hair
I ransacked the den - I had no time to spare!
But the sock was nowhere in sight.

I checked in the sink and behind the TV
I pushed away furniture and scraped my left knee
I tripped and fell flat on my face painfully
All because of a sock!

My mind became frenzied, my breath became short
I had to stop with this hysterical sport
I was sweating like a player on a tennis court
All in search of a sock.

I checked the clock - it was 7:33
Which meant that the bus was about to leave
I sighed and cried in despondent defeat
Let’s face it - that sock was gone.

I reached for my shoes in a frantic way
Hoping I could go sockless for just one more day
Then I looked down and there it was - hooray!
That sock was right there on my foot.

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