Tara Safavi data mining researcher


Probably pitching some far-fetched research idea to my adviser Danai with Vagelis during ICDM 2017. Photo credits to Dr. Berger-Wolf

My research is in learning and discovering meaningful network representations that describe complex, time-evolving systems. For example, a classic neuroimaging task is to convert time-varying fMRI scans of a subject’s brain into a network representation. How to do this is not immediately clear. Because all eventual analyses and conclusions depend on the network representation of the brain, finding the “right” representation is crucial.

There are many other domains in which sequential or time-evolving data may be represented as a graph, enabling network-specific insights that individual observations alone may not give. Past and current projects explore professional career trajectories, personalized web search, email communications, and more. Overall, my work is most related to network inference and discovery, data summarization, and sequence learning – falling somewhere between data mining, machine learning, and network science.

Selected Publications

For a full list, see my CV.